Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Exhibition Stand Design: A crucial Aspect For Exhibition Show Success

What is it?

The word definition of an exhibition stand says “It is three-dimensional stand installed for a given period in order to exhibit a brand and its products at a fair or at an exhibition.” Whether an auto exhibition or craft fair or a food fair, you need a stall or exhibition stand where you will place your products for display so that people coming to exhibition can see them. An exhibition stand is not just a stand made of wood or plastic or any other material. It becomes your home for the whole duration of the exhibition or fair. You sit there, you eat there, you live there.

Why we need it?

When we are talking about a trade fair or an exhibition then that means there should must be other people i.e. your competitors. So, whenever there is competiton, that means other people will try to beat you or in other words will try to attract your customers. Now, how will you attract more customers in an exhibition or trade fair. Of course your products are so popular or famous among people that they don't need any type of strategy to attract customers. But, you are not alone in that exhibition. There are thousands of others who are trying to catch the clients. I am not going to suggest you to decrease your price or change your CRM. Well, one thing that you can easily do to make your exhibition a success story is to design a creative and state of the art exhibition stand. Yes, it matters in success of your exhibition. Infact, it is the only thing that you need to consider if you want to attract all the customers wandering here and there in the exhibition. People know about your company. They know what you are offering to them. They know your products are excellent and that is why they will expect something gorgeous, something amazing from you when they come to see you. So, exhibition stand is a crucial deciding factor of your success in an exhibition or fair.

Which is a good exhibition stand?

·         A creative one. Something out of the box.

·         A stand which shows who you are and tells a story to your customers about you.

·         An exhibition stand which reflects your brand. If your company is all about spending time with customers like a finance company or a consultancy, make it big and spacious to accommodate more and more clients. Arrange comfortable furniture where clients can sit and talk.

·         If you want to show you are a busy dynamic company then make your stand a lot brighter with lots of presentations, less furniture and a shorter stand experience time.

How to select an exhibition stand designer?

Now, whenever you think about an exhibition stand, think creatively and think out of the box. If necessary, take help of some professionals. There are a number of reputed professionals who are masters of this field and they know what type of exhibition stand attract people in exhibitions. Selecting a right interior designer for designing your exhibition stand is another key factor which decides your success. Don't fall for the attractive advertisements while selecting an interior designer. Do your own research. Dig into the interior designing market to find out what is going on and who are some big players. While selecting an exhibition stand contractor, keep in mind some key points like:

·         Location of the company.
·         Experience in the relevant field.
·         Number and type of projects accomplished earlier.
·         Interior designers and architacts working for the company.
·         Size of the company.
·         Services they offer.

By keeping these things in mind, i am sure you can write your success story in any trade fair and exhibition. Thank you.

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