Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Mobile Racking Systems and Their Benefits

What is a Racking System?

A racking system, which is also known as pallet racking is storage system having racks or pallets or “skids” used to store large amount of stuff in offices or warehouses. These racking systems can be used to store or keep:
o Documents&folders
o Archives&archive boxes
o Medical records and X-Rays

What is a Mobile Racking System?

As the name implies, a mobile racking system is a movable racking system which is controlled by a motor and it moves on a rail which is embedded in the floor. A mobile racking system is highly efficient, accessible and easy to use storage system. An electric racking system has a buttons on each corner and we have to just press those buttons to move the racking system from one place to another. As soon as we push the button, system will automatically start moving with the help of those rails. So, it requires zero effort to operate it.
Then there are mechanical racking systems and manual ones. Mechanical racking systems are operated with the help of gears. Where to operate a manual racking system, you have to put some effort because you have to pull it by handles to move it from one place to another place.
These racking systems are usually placed at secure or sophisticated places.

Benefits of using Mobile Racking Systems:

If you are running an office or a business, then you can easily understand the need of space utilization. Whether a small business or a large one, there are plenty of things to keep around. Stationary, documents related to transactions, employees and bills. Large sized files are used to keep these crucial documents. And slowly these file stacks start becoming mountains of papers. Similarly, think about the case of warehouses. There is no need to explain that warehouses always need bigger spaces where more and more stuff can be piled up. Now, to store large numbers of goods, we need space optimization. If you don't have enough space for keeping things and you do not have a proper space optimization plan then it is going to be very difficult for you to access those particular records from that pile. You will waste your precious time in searching those records. So there should must be a good storage management system to keep things in proper arrangement at proper place without acquiring any extra space.

Mobile racking systems helps you accomplish this. Some of the great advantages of using mobile racking systems are as follows:

1. Space Saving:

As i discussed earlier space is valuable asset for the businesses like warehouses and logistics, they can not afford to loose even 1 inch of it due to irregularstorage planing. So, use of racking systems can eliminate this and it can save you a lot of space. While thinking about to implement the mobile racking systems, one should must consult with the experts in industry.

2. Your Stuff Remains in Good Condition:

If you are in logistics or courier business, then only you can understand the fact that your client will never forgive you if you deliver them damaged or broken goods. Moreover it will hurt your professional relationship with them. So, make sure that your stored goods are intact, undamaged and unbroken. Racking systems are great way to make this sure. Not only your goods but also your workforce will be safe because in large warehouses where goods are piled up to great heights, fear of falling these goods on employees working there is a big danger to their lives.

3. Safety:

Accidents of falling goods from shelves are very common at workplaces like warehouses and logistic centers, if they are not stored or placed properly.

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