Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Interior Designer versus Interior Decorator

The profession that transforms interior space into a new and functionally appropriate venue for clients is interior design. Therefore, interior designers spearhead or manage these interior design transformative projects. Laypersons frequent use the professional titles interior designer and interior decorator synonymously but this is a mistake. These are distinct professions requiring explanation for clear understanding. Interior designers possess a different skillet, level of education and frequently hold professional accreditation indicating their title. In addition, interior designers focus more on how the planning and functionality affect the space. Also, designers have professional training and understanding interior space aspects such as temperature, acoustics and lighting. Although, Interior design companies in Dubai frequently work in tandem with architects; designers must have stamped approval from an architect before they can modify the structural supports of a structure. Finally, interior designers typically specialize in one of three primary areas of space transformation. The three are residential, commercial and other, The ‘other’ area includes museums and exhibition design, theatre and performance design, Production design for film and television, healthcare and educational institutions. 

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